It’s 05:57

feels dark out

It’s 05:57. Dark. I’m awake. It’s an effect caused by going to bed at a sensible time. In my case this is normally triggered by the news on the TV. Anne wants it on. Anne is interested in current affairs. There is never anything on I want to listen to. Politics. Problems. Lorry driver sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing a family whilst using his phone whilst driving. Rarely anything jolly. So I go to bed.

I normally switch on the radio on a 30 minute timer. By the time the 30 minutes is up I am asleep. Usually I pick up a book and read a bit. Maybe only a page. Then I drift off. Sometimes if the radio is not switched on Anne asks if she can have the news:)

I like these dark mornings. For some reason. I also like the light mornings in the summer. At that time of year I will normally go and sit in the conservatory to write, if I am up. Not in November. God is it November already. In November I will sit in the TV room, without the TV on. It is cosy.

My brain isn’t totally in gear at this time of the morning. This stuff is written on autopilot. I’m not interested in making a coffee to wake me up. Not a big coffee fan and it would have to be the good stuff anyway which would be a bit of a faff. I’ll make the tea in a bit.

It was good to see that my loaf of bread was well received. John, it must have been him, has been scoffing it. I’ll make another when I get back from Sheffield tomorrow. That should last us until we go to Krakow on Friday. It’s all very well getting it right once. The proof will be whether I can replicate the success. I am confident.

One good thing about coming downstairs to write at this time of day is that it makes the time go quickly. I refer you to the Third law of the internet. That’s the one where if you are surfing the web a hot drink always goes cold before you finish it. Fact. Lying awake in bed trying not to disturb Anne is hard work. Not a productive use of my time either.  

Now I will have written 400 words or so in twenty minutes. That’s 1200 words an hour. Productive enough I’d say. Of course they aren’t necessarily good words, or they haven’t necessarily been strung together in an interesting, good to read way but that’s neither here nor there. Really. It’s better than the old monkey sat at the typewriter theory. The one where if he sits there long enough he would write the complete works of Shakespeare.

Hang on a monkey has just walked into the room and wants to borrow the laptop for a minute…

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Hey give me back the laptop ape. Sorry about that. He’s gone now. I expect he went to the kitchen to fetch a banana. We have some left from when I went to Waitrose on Sunday.

Anyway as alluded to today I am off to Sheffield. LONAP board meeting. I like going to LONAP board meetings. They are always fun. Always something interesting going on. I have decided to drive although in the past I have taken the train. Today it is more convenient as I have to pop down to Coops’ to be there for the return of campervan Betty from a weekend hire and also pick up the parcel from Firth Road. The drive time is about the same as training it  but without the waiting at the station time. I realise that training it would allow me to do some stuff on the journey but today I’m not sure it’s going to work out. It will certainly be quicker driving back in the morning.

Before I go I’ll leave you with a bemusing little tale. Last night as Halloween. Anne left a sign on the doors saying “Please don’t ring the doorbell. Just help yourselves to sweets” with an arrow pointing downwards towards a bowl of sweets illuminated by a candle in a little pumpkin. Some little bugger took the candle!!!

Featured image is the result of letting the monkey at my laptop. He pressed print.

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