Our Vans

Our vans are vintage VW T2 Bay vans. The first VW vans began manufacture in 1950 and had the iconic split screens. Production of the second generation T2s began in 1967 and finished, at least in the West German Wolfsburg plant, in 1979. The T2s were bigger inside and dropped the split screen in favour of the bay window.

VW did not make “campervans” per se.  The vans were originally designed to be commercial light vehicles and the T2s primarily offered a load capacity upgrade over the T1. In the swinging 60s the T2s were frequently converted to campers and a number of specialist workshops became famous for doing this. These include recognisable names such as Dormobile, Danbury, Devon Moonraker and the Westfalia or Westy. Each workshop had its own style and layout of van.

It is the T2 Bay that you mostly see on the roads nowadays. They are not as rare as the T1s and being more spacious than the splitties are more suitable for use as a campervan.

Anne’s Vans currently has 2 vehicles originating from the Devon Moonraker shop, Betty and Bertie and one Westy, Ruby. All three vans have upgraded interiors and Bertie in particular has a magnificent custom built solid oak cooking unit. All three are right hand drive and perfect for the UK market.


2 berth 1971 T2 Bay


4 berth 1978 T2 Bay


3 or 4 berth 1973 T2 Bay